Forbidden Berry

My name is Stylianna, known better for my work under the name of “Forbidden Berry.” I'm an Essex, UK based mixed media artist who has been pursuing art from a young age but decided to take it more serious after studying Graphic design within the fashion industry.

I take inspiration from my personal feelings and idea of beauty. There is meaning to why I rarely paint faces which not many people know but growing up I was pretty self conscious so therefore i used to hide my face a lot whether it was while laughing or in pictures. Here’s another little understanding.. eyes are the window to the soul, right? So if we remove them, what do you have?

I want you to look way deeper beyond the surface level of my work. It’s not what you see but everything that exists in between. I want you to be able to look at the work and tell me what you think and feel. By adding no facial features, it allows you to become at one with the painting a little more. There are no specific identifications, so this helps anyone relate to the work.

Speciality: Cover Art | Fine Art | Events | Creative Collaborations | Murals | Fashion Illustrations |Branding + Marketing Material.