John Roome A.K.A ‘JAYRDOESART’ is an independent digital and mixed media portrait artist based in London. JAY's work focuses on mental health and identity by exploring modern youth culture. His style is heavily influenced by modern pop art as well as contemporary portraiture, with music and fashion also inspiring his work.

Through his artwork, he aims to spread awareness of mental health and social issues, whilst also paying tribute to his cultural inspirations and role models. Vulnerability is a core theme of his work, using his own experiences to navigate difficult topics and open up a dialogue with his audience.

Social media has allowed JAY to reach a global audience, and through his platform he hopes to influence positive social change, advocating for sustainability, equality, understanding and acceptance. Through the corona-virus pandemic, he has maintained a strong online presence and continues to support other artists and creatives, being vocal about the need for community and collaboration.

Clients: Hardy Caprio, Mayor of London, Moe Music.

Speciality: Murals | Cover Art| Branding + Marketing Material | Fine Art | Events | Creative Collaborations| Editorial Illustrations.