Looselytimmy aka. Tim Massimo is a visual creator experienced in the fields of cover art and creative direction. Timmy aims to visualise the sound and emotions felt in music through his distinctive colourful style.

His style is also influenced by elements of surrealism, expressionism and realism. Starting his journey with traditional paintings and afterwards transferring his style into digital art.

Interpreting the expressions of music and trying to communicate with the viewer is one of his goals. With his personal practice he aims to explore his own mind and he wants to evoke a certain emotion within his audience - whether it be Joy, Fear, Trust or Happiness.

Clients Include: Rio Rainz, SVMI, Blaine Legendary, Khizzy, Marvo, Truly Honesti, Blind Mic, TYDRE, Archie Erskine, NAJ, Random Behaviour

Speciality: Cover Art | Fine Art | Events | Creative Collaborations | Branding + Marketing | Murals.