Marlon Stewart

Marlon Stewart a.k.a. Movrtart is a Digital Artist that mainly creates black and white art. He enjoys highlighting black excellence through art as well as incapsulating moments and emotions in his art. Most of his work is inspired by music as it is a major inspiration to his creative process, taking a line or quote from a song to create a new narrative, emotion or feeling is what he strives to embody within his artwork.

Marlon's art aspirations not only lie in fine art but he also has a passion to design posters, advertisements and book covers as he is also a proficient graphic designer. All of his artwork are limited prints with the quantity either 3, 7, or 23. These numbers relate to Marlon as they have significance within his life whether it be a birthday, anniversary or a number of significant. Once they are sold out that’s it no more will be sold.

Clients Include: Supreme Dream Clothing, Love of Culture, and 56 Black Men.

Speciality: Cover Art | Branding + Marketing Material | Events | Creative Collaborations.