The Art Box is a quarterly limited edition art package for amateur, beginner, and professional artists. Perfect as a gift for yourself or someone else, each box is created in collaboration with a new artist and includes art materials from art supplier GreatArt. Each box has a different identity and we produce a small amount, for a short period only. We hope to make the process of creating art fun for individuals and groups!

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Art Box

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We're proud to announce our first ever Art Box! It features art designs from TheRageArt and materials from GreatArt. The identity of this box is an ode to London and a celebration of love. It contains a Poetic Justice inspired paint by numbers with a lot more you can see below:

This box includes:
• Daler-Rowney A5 Notepad
• Plastic Paint Palette
• Gerstaecker Pencils B
• Koh-I-Noor Radiergummi Rubber
• GIOTTO Gouache Paint Set
• Jax School syn 3 brush set
• Art Box Zine Issue 01
• A4 Paint By Numbers
• And More*

*The product does not come with an easel but comes with other treats😉. The box will arrive 2-3 days after purchase and you can see more information on our FAQs page.